Movie Review: Velocipastor (2018)

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The same goes for this movie in terms of a shorter movie review.  This is a completely different kind of movie.  Get ready because Velocipastor is quite ridiculous.  The gist of the story is simple.  A priest travels to China (why there, I’m not sure), to find solace in losing his parents.  It is in China (looks a lot like Los Angeles and you’ll notice one location getting maximum usage) that he learns of his newfound power.  And what is this power?  He turns into a dinosaur and uses it for the greater good.  With the help from a hooker, he finds a new way of life (sort of) and gets tangled up in the Chinese triad and drug running.  It’s a wacky plot with the most hilarious rendition of a dinosaur I’ve seen in a long while.  There are more laughs in this film than anything else and the story plays out more like an amateur script especially when you notice erroneous dialogue as in when I say “me” I really mean “you.”  It stars Greg Cohan as Doug Jones, Alyssa Kempinski as Carol, and Daniel Steere as Father Stewart.  It is written and directed by Brendan Steere and is one hour and 15 minutes long. It’s a so bad movie it’s good type of movie.
I rate Velocipastor Three Fingers. It is GOOD at 71%.
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