Netflix TV Recommendation: Dead to Me (2019-)

I blazed through the first two seasons and only one season left before the producer calls it quits. I think some TV shows could learn from this. Go out on a high note. Dead to Me is a drama drenched in the right combination of sarcasm, loneliness, and friendship to make a positive impact on the viewer.  It is nice to see Christina Applegate in a role where she’s a mom with real life problems and Linda Cardellini is bizarre just enough without being a crazy woman. The interaction between them and their interactions between James Marsden’s character is solid acting.  I know this word has negative connotations, but the great thing about this show is after a while you realize not everything is as it seems at first glance. There is a good lesson to learn as the saying goes don’t judge a person at first glance.  After the initial conversation of getting to know each other, keep going.  This is what the show does where you are at a good stopping point but don’t want to put that remote control down.  Some parts may have been predictable, but it was carried out well enough that I didn’t care.  I’ll be sad to see if end but glad I gave it a chance.

I rate Dead to Me NEAR PERFECT at 96%.

2 Comments on “Netflix TV Recommendation: Dead to Me (2019-)

  1. It really is a great show. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to season three.


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