More You Know: Facts about Babies

Babies don’t have bacteria growing in their stomach until you feed them and that is when the stinky poop smell comes into play.  If only humans didn’t need to eat.  It would make life a lot better and less nasty smelling. 

Babies can stop breathing especially when they are sleeping.  Obviously when their faces turn blue, you will want to do something about it.  Learn mouth to mouth for one before it happens and CPR for that matter along with what to do if a baby is choking.  These are all things one should know even if you don’t have babies or children around.  I first learned about it due to being a lifeguard.  I need a refresher, but I remember the gist of it.

Babies have more areas on their bodies when taste buds are involved.  Like most adults, they prefer sweet over sour. 

Babies don’t produce tears until about a month old but that doesn’t mean they don’t cry.  The obvious reasons they cry is hunger, overtiredness, or just because they want to and have lungs.

Babies tend to face right instead of left in the beginning of their lives.  Sort of like adults who like to turn a certain way or prefer to walk on the left or right of someone.

Babies have more neurons than adults because they don’t get replaced.  They learn to focus better as they get older, but their creativity lessens.

Babies have birthmarks that might disappear.  Mine didn’t unfortunately and are often found on the forehead, noses, eyelids, and back of neck.

(Source: WebMD)

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