TV Show Recommendation: In the Dark (2019-)

Since the beginning of time, women have healed themselves.


This CW show is about a blind woman who has a drinking and commitment problem.  She’s not a very likable character and as a viewer you don’t have much in common with her unless you like to drink A LOT, have one night stands, go to bars with your dog Pretzel, and have few friends because you push everyone away.  Murphy is stand alone on an island woman and when she feels betrayed, she’s often stranded without a boat.  The first season revolves around her discovery of her murdered friend and her lengths to solve the crime.  The second season revolves around the danger she is in for learning the things she learned in season one.  There are a few new obstacles/people in her way in season two that makes for good power struggles.  There are times it comes off as a little dramatic, but all in all it’s a good show.  The thing I like about this show is that the variety of the characters in terms of appearance and the overall storylines.  Each episode is 42 minutes long and has no rating but wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in high school or older.  It is renewed for a third season.  It is created by Corinne Kingsbury and stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason, Rich Sommer as Dean, Brooke Markham as Jess, Morgan Krantz as Felix, Casey Deidrick as Max Parish, Keston John as Darnell James, Nicki Micheaux as Nia Bailey, Callie Walton as Chloe, and Trip as Pretzel.

There are spoilers in the trailer so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen season 1 yet!!!

I rate In the Dark THREE FINGERS at 80%.

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