Journal Entry Type #57: That Thing You Can’t Reach

I was actually getting decent sleep until I decided to stay up until 2 in the morning Saturday into Sunday. Bad mistake. It wrecked my whole sleep pattern and then some. I had a hard time getting to sleep. It messed up further my headache and eye pain. I’ve been eating more crunchy food lately (bad for someone who has TMD) and so my jaw hurts. I postponed my special massage I get once a month because it isn’t safe to drive when you’re tired.

The reason I stayed up so late was formatting and putting together my poetry collection into Amazon. I know, I know, Jeff Bezos could be considered the son of the Devil for how little he donates to the world. I mean how much money does a person really need. He has enough money that he probably wouldn’t be able to spend it all in his life time. Good for his ex-wife who donated a lot of it to charitable organizations. Even strong going companies things lessen over time and Amazon dominating the world will too. It might not happen soon but that is my projection. I mean FB is still going strong, but I will reserve my views of Mark Zuckerberg for myself.

I took a nap today and still feel I wasted most of my Saturday on formatting and proofreading of my poems. I don’t want to publish, even if it is self publishing, with errors in the collection. With this being said (my new best phrase to use lately), I will go back to it and know getting it right the first time is better than having to apologize for mistakes when it’s already out there. I didn’t make any headway in my rewrite the past few weeks, well month (sigh), but I still plan on getting it written by the end of this year and published in 2021. I call it my starter novel because it is and something that will probably be remembered as a “good old first try.”

I bought two books for my dad as he likes to read historical fiction and all I want to do is open one of them and read it. I can’t and won’t because I have 50 books that are my own I still need to read. I worked on my coloring on Saturday before diving headfirst into my poetry collection. I suppose I’ve truly accepted the fact it will be good enough for me to write and self publish. My goals remain the same with my writing and health. Some days I have more energy than others. Today, I had less energy and my arthritis has been acting up. The story of my life or is it the life of my story.

I know I promised the people who actually read and follow my blog a free copy of my poetry collection and short story collection whenever that comes out (projecting next year). I’ve decided to allow people to buy the kindle version and paperback version, but if you want a less fancy version (think PDF), I will send it to you via email after it is posted on Amazon. I’m hoping either the end of this month or in October. I know I’m not the only one thinking 2021 can’t be the same shit show 2020 has been and yet all we can do is work on personal and creative things each day, week, or month. On this note, I need to wind down and get ready for another week.

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