Journal Entry Type #63: The U.S. 2020 Election, So Far

I’ve been noticeably absent from my blog for several reasons, but the main one being the U.S. presidential election.  I’ve become quite the nerd about it or maybe a little obsessive.   I purposely took off two days after November 3rd to process what happened either way.  It’s been weighing on me more about the future of the U.S.  Many people in the U.S. feel the two candidates are often the case between the better of two lesser evils, but this year it felt different for many people based on the number of people who voted.

The first issue for many was due to COVID and the second being the bottom spiraling out of control with the economy that dominated why people voted.  The past three days I’ve been watching news coverage.  I wanted an answer much like everyone else sooner than later.  It was interesting to read commentary about this election by other countries.  Some viewed it as a spectator sport while others were really wanting Trump to win for certain reasons.  It seemed more wanted Biden to win and a few comments on Harris being the first woman to hold the VP title if she and Biden won.  We still don’t have an official answer, but I have a pretty good idea of who the next president will be. 

The U.S. needs a lot of healing and both the major parties, Democrat and Republican, have major soul searching and find ways to work together.   We have become a very fractured country of us vs. them.  It’s become a competition in a way, but we still need to trust each other.  We need more logical arguments and less nasty fighting.  The U.S. is still a new country and despite its differing views, I believe we are heading toward progress and healing, basically a half old and half new path.

It is projected for Biden to win the presidency.  Biden will become the 15th president that held the VP title before, the second president to be Catholic, and the oldest president at 78 when sworn in. Biden has received the largest number of popular vote out of all candidates running and Trump is second highest number and not all the votes have been counted yet. Here is the list of all the presidents and the popular votes they received during past elections from Wikipedia.

YearPresidentPopular Vote
1788–89George Washington43,782
1792George Washington28,579
1796John Adams35,726
1800Thomas Jefferson41,330
1804Thomas Jefferson104,110
1808James Madison124,732
1812James Madison140,431
1816James Monroe76,592
1820James Monroe87,343
1824John Quincy Adams113,142
1828Andrew Jackson642,806
1832Andrew Jackson702,735
1836Martin Van Buren763,291
1840William Henry Harrison1,275,583
1844James Polk1,339,570
1848Zachary Taylor1,360,235
1852Franklin Pierce1,605,943
1856James Buchanan1,835,140
1860Abraham Lincoln1,855,993
1864Abraham Lincoln2,211,317
1868Ulysses Grant3,013,790
1872Ulysses Grant3,597,439
1876Rutherford Hayes4,034,142
1880James Garfield4,453,337
1884Grover Cleveland4,914,482
1888Benjamin Harrison5,443,892
1892Grover Cleveland5,553,898
1896William McKinley7,112,138
1900William McKinley7,228,864
1904Theodore Roosevelt7,630,557
1908William Taft7,678,335
1912Woodrow Wilson6,296,284
1916Woodrow Wilson9,126,868
1920Warren Harding16,144,093
1924Calvin Coolidge15,723,789
1928Herbert Hoover21,427,123
1932Franklin Roosevelt22,821,277
1936Franklin Roosevelt27,752,648
1940Franklin Roosevelt27,313,945
1944Franklin Roosevelt25,612,916
1948Harry Truman24,179,347
1952Dwight Eisenhower34,075,529
1956Dwight Eisenhower35,579,180
1960John F. Kennedy34,220,984
1964Lyndon Johnson43,127,041
1968Richard Nixon31,783,783
1972Richard Nixon47,168,710
1976Jimmy Carter40,831,881
1980Ronald Reagan43,903,230
1984Ronald Reagan54,455,472
1988George H. W. Bush48,886,597
1992Bill Clinton44,909,806
1996Bill Clinton47,400,125
2000George W. Bush50,460,110
2004George W. Bush62,040,610
2008Barack Obama69,498,516
2012Barack Obama65,915,795
2016Donald Trump62,984,828
    Biden has 73,859,854 votes so far
    Trump has 70,026,837 votes so far
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