Journal Entry #64: I Want a Redo of 2020!

My head feels like it’s been put in a meat grinder.  Last night was the first time my body relaxed enough for me to sleep mostly throughout the night since the election was unofficially decided.  It feels like the next two months will seem a lot longer until Biden officially becomes the 46th U.S. president.  I’m trying to distance myself from the political news.  I’m sure it would save my mind and body less aggravation and stress.  I’m slowly working toward not being glued to the news so much. 

The situation set before America now is the lack of willingness of the Trump administration to make the transition easier for the incoming Biden administration.  This is when I need to remind myself there is nothing I can do with the transition of power.  I leave it to others much more eloquent and popular than me to make right on it.  Thank God for them and this is all I have to say about this matter. 

I know it will take time for the vaccine to be distributed to the majority of people, but I look forward to better times.  I haven’t felt good or right since COVID started.  I look forward to going outside without having to wear a damn mask and being able to visit museums and whatever else I fancy. I need to tough it out until that time and get balance in my life.  I need to be more structured and centered.  Here’s to the last two months of 2020 where I hope my rewrite and the possibilities in life come back.  I want a better 2021 where I’m less fractured.  I hope everyone else does too and finds some way to work together for the greater good of all.

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