Book Recommendation: Think Like a Freak

Publication Date: 2015

Publisher: Penguin Books

Page Number: 286

I have read all their other books in a short amount of time. Their books are that engaging. This one is too and although there is some repeat from past books, it is definitely worthy of your time. The authors, Levitt and Dubner, speak of their failures and successes in the beginning and then dive headfirst into different topics like needless advertising via certain channels, motivations for learning as children, and persuading the wrong crowds. My favorite chapter is when they compare King Solomon and David Lee Roth. This book offers how good things with good intentions have great possibilities of ending bad. Yet, different ways to handle things in spite of past evidence can help you in the long run when this happens. Most of us know when to quit when something you are doing isn’t working quite right for some reason, but many of us also don’t learn try something new when it is the logical next step. If you are fine with staying in your stasis, don’t expect things to change is what the authors are drilling into readers’ heads. But if you are sick of the same result, try to change it up a little bit and paraphrasing their own words, be a freak.

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