Last Five Movies I’ve Watched in October 2020

Since I’m way past when I should have posted Halloween movies, I’m not going to say much about these movies except to watch them. I’ve seen Sleepy Hollow and The Vampire’s Assistant for a second time now, but the others were the first time watching them. They were good movies to take your mind off of what is going on currently except the Green Room as it deals with Neo Nazis but Patrick Stewart gives a great performance as their leader as does Imogen Poots. The most lighthearted of the movies are The Addam’s Family and The Vampire’s Assistant. 9 had great special effects. Maybe watch them next year for Halloween or this year as it was just Friday the 13th. Although in some cultures it is known as a lucky number and I consider it lucky as well, but given 2020 is still 2020. What else could happen? Hopefully not much more.

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