Poem: America

I will not be remembered by many, but Americans will remember that day.

The day we came to that place we are now. 

In a hundred more years, adults will read about the missteps.

How we became a nation of overeaters.  How grilled cheese became comfort food.

We knew being on the political fringes was not healthy and neither was salty soup.

We have clogged our brains with fake news and massive conspiracies. 

Our arteries succumbed to the abundance of foolishness and disagreements.

It is not good in any mold, any slice, and any thickness. 

How we became a nation of moldy people. 

In two hundred years, adults will be at their breaking point.

No good for anyone’s heart and it might be too late for the rubber band to shrink in size. 

We carry backpacks of stress across all the continents.

Not good for human brains.  Not good for future survival.

I will not be remembered as wrong, but Americans will remember the silence.

The deadly silence that lasted too long.

In three hundred years, adults will know outer dangers never stop at the last debate.

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