Last Five Movies I’ve Watched

I’ve watched these movies when November started and now that November is almost done, well here they are. I’m going to give a quick recap of each one and why I think you should watch them or not.

The Ride (2018) is based on a true story, a drama. Boy raised by an abusive father and given his right of passage with his Aryan beliefs. He later is adopted by an interracial couple. It has some cliché moments, but John Buultjens owes his new beginning to his adoptive parents, Marianna and Eldridge. I won’t say skip it, but I found it’s in the same vein as The Blind Side.

Holidate (2020) is a holiday comedy about love. It’s a little excessive with the raunchiness, but overall it’s funny. It has the drinking, occasional sex, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Luke Bracey’s Australian accent and Emma Roberts sarcasm is a good match on screen. I’d say watch it because December is right around the corner, like tomorrow.

Bewitched (2005) is a comedy based from the TV show. I like the premise, but it just doesn’t have enough dazzle throughout. Will Ferrell is a great comedic actor but the material fell short. He did what he could as well as Nicole Kidman. I watched it just to say I watched it. I’d say skip it. There are other movies starting Ferrell or Kidman much better.

Vice (2018) is the biography of Dick Cheney as Vice President during George W. Bush administration. I didn’t know too much about him minus him shooting his friend while hunting and a few other blunders. Christian Bale is superb as Cheney. The way it was filmed and edited made it all the better. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or none of them, I’d say watch it. It has humor and drama all mixed into any presidency and what could happen that did happen in the White House.

A League of Their Own (1992) is a sport comedy and drama of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during WWII. From Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan urinating in the sink to the women coming together for a common cause. It’s not so much a feel good movie, but one where circumstances (war) open the doors for some that can’t ever be closed again. Remember Rosie O’Donnell? Lori Petty? Téa Leoni? Madonna? I’d say watch it.

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