Journal Entry Type #73: Two Yokes Equals Good Fortune?

Okay, so 2021 is off to a great start. I wish I had many things on my list to back it up. I suppose it’s a mediocre start to a New Year. The U.S. keeps starving for unwanted attention and showing how stupid we are when it comes to handling our differences and losses. I can’t believe I wrote my last journal entry type only two days ago. The U.S. got the results of the Georgia election but that was overshadowed by U.S. insurrectionists. Mind you the last time the U.S. Capitol was overtaken by a group of people was the War of 1812. I won’t say anything more about this. The whole world has seen and heard enough.

Because of all this drama, I took the last three days including today not writing and trying to remain calm during the storm. I made more of a resolve to incorporate things to relax today. I thought of simple images I could design and color to relax after my rewrite. I did a favor and forced myself to stretch my body for 30 minutes. I suggest this to anyone as stretching is good. I’ve jogged a few times since January 1st and did yoga that almost killed me because I’m not used to it anymore. I finished my puzzle I said I wouldn’t start until after I finished my rewrite. My justification is that it’s only 500 pieces.

This morning it dawned on me how crazy it was to have two yokes in my egg after I cracked it. I made fried eggs and this is the first time I’ve come across this. I had to look it up. It’s a rare occurrence with one out of 1,000 chance. I’m not that superstitious so it’s a good thing it won’t result in death, but I will take the good fortune whatever that means. What’s the purpose of this blog? It might be don’t take yourself too seriously all the time, but let others be serious when necessary (what happened at the Capitol not included). More bad things will happen in 2021, but so will the good things. 2021 is a resetting in many ways for people. Take it because it’s yours.

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