More You Know: List of Presidental Pets

U.S. Presidents came with various pets when they occupied the White House.  The most common were various dog and cat breeds.  There were other animals roaming the grounds from ponies and horses, different birds such as parrots, parakeets, mockingbirds, macaws, and canaries.  There were also grizzly and black bears, goats, rabbits, racoons, and opossums, silkworms, tigers, cows, eagles, turkeys, white mice, alligators, roosters, rams, owls, hyenas, squirrels, donkeys, ducks, hamsters, guinea pigs, hens, garter snakes, sheep, lizards, badger, and rats.  Some of the more exotic animals were gifts and often donated to Zoos. 

 The last president not to have any pets in the WH: Donald Trump
 The last president with hypoallergenic dogs in the WH: Barack Obama
 The last president to have a cow at the WH: William Taft
 The last president to have a horse at the WH: John F. Kennedy
 The last president to have a bobcat in the WH: Calvin Coolidge
 The last president to have a cat in the WH: George W. Bush until Joe Biden officially 
 adopts a cat.
 Last of all, the list of Presidents and their dogs although not all had dogs.

 President Joe Biden
 Champ, German Shepard
 Major, German Shepard

 President Donald Trump
 President Barack Obama
 Bo, Portuguese water dog
 Sunny, also a Portuguese water dog
 President George W. Bush,
 Miss Beazley, Scottish terrier
 Spot, English springer spaniel,
 Barney, Scottish terrier
 President Bill Clinton
 Buddy, Labrador retriever
 President George H.W. Bush
 Millie, English springer spaniel
 Ranger, one of Millie’s puppies
 President Ronald Reagan
 Lucky, Bouvier des Flandres
 Rex, Cavalier King Charles spaniel
 Victory, golden retriever
 Peggy, Irish setter
 Taca, Siberian husky
 Fuzzy, Belgian sheepdog
 President Jimmy Carter
 Grits, border collie
 Lewis Brown, Afghan hound
 President Gerald Ford
 Liberty, golden retriever
 Misty, one of Liberty’s puppies
 Lucky, dog
 President Richard Nixon
 Checkers, Nixon’s dog while vice president
 Vicky, poodle
 Pasha, terrier
 King Timahoe, Irish setter
 President Lyndon B. Johnson
 Him and Her, beagles
 Edgar and Freckles, beagles
 Blanco, collie
 Yuki, mixed-breed dog
 President John F. Kennedy
 Charlie, Welsh terrier
 Gaullie, French poodle
 Pushinka, mixed-breed dog (gift from Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev)
 Shannon, cocker spaniel
 Wolf, Irish wolfhound
 Clipper, German shepherd
 Butterfly, White Tips, Blackie, Streaker (Pushinka and Charlie’s puppies)
 President Dwight D. Eisenhower
 Heidi, Weimaraner
 President Harry S. Truman
 Feller, the unwanted dog, cocker spaniel
 Mike, Margaret Truman’s Irish setter
 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
 Major, German shepherd
 Meggie, Scottish terrier
 Winks, Llewellyn setter
 Tiny, Old English sheepdog
 President, Great Dane
 Fala, famed Scottish terrier
 Blaze, Elliott Roosevelt’s English bullmastiff
 President Herbert Hoover
 King Tut, Belgian shepherd
 Pat, German shepherd
 Big Ben, fox terrier
 Sonny, fox terrier
 Glen, Scottish collie
 Yukon, Siberian husky
 Patrick, wolfhound
 Eaglehurst Gillette, setter
 Weejie, elkhound
 President Calvin Coolidge
 Prudence Prim, female white collie
 Rob Roy, male white collie
 Peter Pan, terrier
 Paul Pry, an Airedale terrier
 Calamity Jane, Shetland sheepdog
 Tiny Tim, chow
 Blackberry, also a chow
 Ruby Rouch, brown collie
 Bessie, collie
 Boston Beans, bulldog
 King Cole, Belgian shepherd
 Palo Alto, bird dog

 President Warren Harding
 Laddie Boy, Airedale terrier
 Old Boy, English bulldog
 President Woodrow Wilson
 Davie, Airedale terrier
 Mountain Boy, greyhound
 Bruce, bull terrier
 President William Taft
 Caruso, dog
 President Theodore Roosevelt
 Pete, a bull terrier, was a favorite pet
 Rollo, Saint Bernard 
 Sailor Boy, Chesapeake Bay retriever
 Blackjack, Kermit Roosevelt’s Manchester terrier
 Skip, mixed-breed dog
 Manchu, Alice Roosevelt’s Pekingese

 President William McKinley
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President Benjamin Harrison
 Dogs including Dash, a collie
 President Grover Cleveland
 Cocker spaniel
 St. Bernard
 French poodle, Hector
 President Chester A. Arthur
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President James Garfield
 A Newfoundland dog named Veto
 President Rutherford B. Hayes
 Hector, Newfoundland dog
 Duke, possibly an English mastiff
 Grim, greyhound
 Otis, miniature schnauzer
 Dot, cocker spaniel
 Juno and Shep, two hunting dogs
 Jet, dog
 President Ulysses S. Grant
 Faithful, Jesse Grant’s Newfoundland dog
 Rosie, dog
 President Andrew Johnson
 President Abraham Lincoln
 Family’s beloved dog, Fido (who stayed home in Springfield, Ill.)
 Jip, Lincoln’s dog
 President James Buchanan
 Lara, a Newfoundland
 President Franklin Pierce
 Seven small dogs
 President Millard Fillmore
 He had pets but no dogs.

 President Zachary Taylor
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President James K. Polk
 President John Tyler
 A pair of wolfhounds that President Tyler imported for his wife, Julia
 Le Beau, an Italian greyhound
 President William Henry Harrison
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President Martin Van Buren
 He was given cubs as a gift but gave to a zoo.
 President Andrew Jackson
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President John Quincy Adams
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President James Monroe
 Spaniel belonging to Maria Monroe
 President James Madison
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President Thomas Jefferson
 He had pets but no dogs.
 President John Adams
 Juno and Satan, Abigail Adams’ two mixed-breed dogs
 President George Washington
 Drunkard, Mopsey, Taster, Cloe, Tipsy, Tipler, Forester, Captain, Lady Rover, Vulcan, 
 Sweet Lips, and Searcher, all hounds
 Five French hounds
                              Source: Presidential Pet Museum

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