Journal Entry Type #79: Forget My Life for a Day or Week but No More Than That!

I made the decision to go out in nature and do a little hiking today. I brought someone along with me so I couldn’t go as far and that was probably a good thing. I kept putting it off this week because working on my Yoda puzzle is so much more exciting. Okay, yeah right. The puzzle is damn hard for not being deemed a challenge puzzle. Basically, I drove us the 40 minutes there and back. We hiked four miles and they actually put markers up this time. I look forward to exploring hiking areas like I had wanted to do when I first moved here but never made the time to do it. Note to self to do that when COVID is officially under control. I haven’t written in over a week and this week I said to myself, “screw it.” I forced myself to grocery shop and get a few other things I’ve been putting off. I hiked in 64 degree weather. I was sweating so by the time I got more into the belly of the mountain, it felt cool because there was shade. The creek was basically non-existent except for a little bit of water due to the snow already melting. I took some deep breaths along the way and when I reached the stopping point, I took more deep breaths and released everything pent up within me (for the most part). I wonder how I will fare when I go back to work. My life will be more hectic with a lot less time, but I’m looking forward to it. I need to hunker down for the next few months and re-focus and concentrate on my writing. I took a few pictures and here they are although nothing out of the ordinary. I’m trying not to fall off the rock into the water in two of the pictures but the rest are self-explanatory.

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