Day: March 29, 2021

TV Review: American Horror Story (2011-)

I recently finished all of the seasons, so far, in American Horror Story. Thanks for the viewers, the show will continue to the 13th season. The 10th season includes a new cast member of Macaulay Culkin (I can’t wait to see him) and Kaia… Continue Reading “TV Review: American Horror Story (2011-)”

TV Recommendation: How It Really Happened with Hill Harper (2016-)

Last night I watched the two episodes, part one and two, about Bernie Madoff. He’s the person responsible for his son’s suicide (Mark), his wife’s lonely life (Ruth), and his other son’s terrible demise (Andrew). As the show stated, he became the most hated… Continue Reading “TV Recommendation: How It Really Happened with Hill Harper (2016-)”

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