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TV Miniseries Recommendation: Manhunt: Unabomber (2017)

Quote from Manhunt: Unabomber by Ted Kaczynski “You know, the irony is, they’re gonna show this cabin as evidence that I’m crazy.  But if everyone was content to live simply like this, we’d have no more war, no poverty, no pollution.” Creators: Andrew Sodroski,… Continue Reading “TV Miniseries Recommendation: Manhunt: Unabomber (2017)”

TV Series Recommendation: American Crime Story (O.J. Simpson and Versace)

I finally got around to watching the second season of FX’s true crime drama involving  Andrew Cunanan and those he killed (Jeffrey Trail, David Madson, Lee Miglin, William Reese, and Gianni Versace).  The first season involved O.J. Simpson and the two people he was… Continue Reading “TV Series Recommendation: American Crime Story (O.J. Simpson and Versace)”

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