TV Series Recommendation: Secrets of the Morgue (2018-)

I’ve watched more than half of these episode and while some of the cases I’m already familiar with, it’s interesting to hear about the cases from a medical examiner’s viewpoint where it goes a little more in depth than say Forensic Files. I’ve watched a few crime shows with poor narration and coverage that it completely turns me off. Apart from the sheer brutality of the crimes, the way the examiners solve how the person was killed and identify the weapons used to kill or cut the body apart is amazing. I can’t imagine the amount of education and patience it takes to do this. Medical examiners are important in solving crimes and convincing juries that this is the right person to be convicted of murder or wrong person to be bringing to trial. Equally important it provides, at least, a little closure for the surviving family and friends. In this current age of technology, no matter how hard you try to erase or get rid of evidence, it more than likely will be found somewhere in the investigation. There is no surprise, detectives have a poor rate of solving crimes (due to lack of staff and resources). Yes, some detectives are far better than others. It happens in every precinct. The more severe the crime such as murder and aggravated assault, the more likely the crime will go to the top pile to be solved. This show highlights the hard work it takes to be a good detective and when paired with medical examiners, their partnership can result in removing a murderer from society, no matter how long it has gone unsolved.

I rate Secrets of the Morgue FOUR FINGERS at 90%

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