Journal Entry Type #106: Very Early Thursday

I’ve been listening to music a lot more now that I have to commute to and from work. It has its moments where I listen to the same song being played over and over again. I have no idea who sings it and have to either look it up or ask someone who sings this terrible or weird song. I don’t get it. Many of the same current bands sound the same to me. I think the last great decade of music was over 20 years ago. With this being said, the one song I keep hearing and think is a combination of strange of good and questionable parts is by Twenty One Pilots called “Heathens.” It starts out pretty decent but then it disintegrates into weirdness. It’s like putting a head of cow onto the body of a horse. The music and singing seem disjointed. I never understood the appeal of many of the current singers. I just don’t and probably never will. If you want to hear great lyrics combined with great guitar playing, check out any song from Purple or Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. The DeLeo brothers are 150% great at their craft. Scott Weiland for all his faults was a great singer.

I’m slowly getting back into making progress on my second novel idea. I’m finding some light at the end of the tunnel and hope to be done by my first draft by the end of this year or early next year. I’m also learning to be patient when it comes to self-publishing next year (if everything goes as planned) and finding the motivation and inspiration to hunker down in the fall and winter to get this done. I know I won’t have as much rewriting to do so that makes me happy. There is no way that will happen because I’ve done it once and writing your first novel is always the hardest (for now since I’ve only written one). While my mind is thinking about many different things, ranging from things I’d like change to wondering why I had this particular dream last night, I believe I’m on the road to a better life. I used to think life would be ripe for the picking forever, that dreams do come true, but now I understand sometimes all the fruit has been taken and dreams sometimes end up as disappointments and turn into nightmares. This is where I believe many people are living. We are straddling between there and here, now and then, left and right.

Another song I heard was from Billy Joel was “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” It reminds me of the political emotions and views these last five years. I get people are sick of hearing about the feuding between Democrats and Republicans. I’ve sort of thought that myself lately. If you have access to FB or social media, you really know any topic discussed will turn political in a heartbeat. People can say almost anything they want, but there is danger when it is clearly wrapped in a blanket of falsehoods and conspiracy theories. There comes a point in time, in order to save your brain from getting too mushy, where you need to step away and not care too much what it going on. Then again, if you stop caring or worse, lash out at your opponent just because you can, nothing gets solved. Since COVID started, as a collective whole people have rallied to help others but not all of us can help. It’s hard to when you have no pennies to pinch. What I find rather appalling is how some people go to great lengths to show they belong in the billionaire’s club. Each to his or her own, but if I had a billion dollars, I wouldn’t be hoarding it. This is all for today.

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