TV Mini-Series Recommendation: Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer (2021)

This TV Mini-Series was one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while. The presentation of the NY Times Square murders was perfect in that it included the case of the Torso Killer from the view of the police, sex workers, victims’ family members but also highlighted how the sex industry contributed to the murders of these females. There are cities that never truly sleep. NYC is one of them. It was a breeding ground for people who didn’t abide by the rule that killing is bad when the murders started. I don’t want to focus so much on the serial killer, and luckily, he was caught, because they get enough attention as it is from the media. There’s nothing better than digging up decade old crimes and bringing the killer back into the light. I say this sort of sarcastically because as much as people love to read and watch true crime including myself, I wonder why. I think it’s because it deals with survival and sometimes the people involved become victims that don’t survive. Essentially, crime and violence are two things that will never go away in terms of human fascination and intrigue. The killer did horrible things to these women and worse, mangled the bodies to a point of not being able to identity the victims. If you don’t know anything about this case, it might surprise you that someone can be that vile. The good thing is serial killers make up such a tiny portion of the population. You have a much greater chance of getting in a car accident which isn’t good either.

Stop reading if you don’t want to know the killer’s name.

The killer said he murdered between 85 and 100 women. He is spending the rest of his life in a New Jersey prison. He was convicted of eight murders, so far, that took place in New Jersey and New York. All three episodes include footage from this time period and re-enactments of the crimes. And even though he was caught over 20 years ago, I was still glad Richard Cottingham was going to die in prison for his crimes. He’s the type of criminal that shouldn’t get released EVER. The same goes for the person who killed Robert Kennedy whose release was denied. Crime Scene is directed by Joe Berlinger and is 2 hours and 27 minutes long.

I rate Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer FOUR FINGERS AND ONE THUMB at 100%

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