TV Mini-Series Recommendation: The Comey Rule (2020)

When I watched this, I had no expectations. I didn’t know how Brendan Gleeson would do as Donald Trump. I wasn’t sure how Jeff Daniels would be as James Comey. I mean this is the actor who starred with Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber. Let’s say it was average in that most everyone is aware about the events that took place between Comey and Clinton before the election and between Comey and Trump after the election. Comey Rule is based on a book written by Comey himself and the two episodes are written and directed by Billy Ray. From intel of Russian interference of the 2016 election to the investigation of Michael Flynn, it comes down to who has upper hand and that would be the president wielding his power. Trump fires Sally Yates (played by Holly Hunter), Andrew McCabe (played by Michael Kelly), Peter Strzok (played by Steven Pasquale), and James Comey. Many others resigned or retired from the FBI, DOJ, and his own staff. There’s nothing too radical to question Comey’s validity even though I haven’t read his book. Even though politics can be boring, most of can agree Washington D.C. machinations need to be replaced with mundane tasks. At times it is downright scary to think about what is going on and way from the nosebleed section of society, very far from the east coast, I sit here wondering what happened in 2021 doesn’t seem to faze many people and what is going to happen in 2022. The future of American democracy or what’s left it is hanging in the balance. I say this with all sincerity because while many former Republicans have defected to another party, it will take more than this for Washington D.C. to ever function properly including equal voting rights for everyone. It’s not looking good but whichever way it goes, I have to focus on my own well-being first as does everyone else right now.

I rate Comey Rule THREE FINGERS at 80%.

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