More You Know: Populations of Sub-Continents/Continents

According to the world population review, Asia accounts for the most of the population at basically 60%. It’s not surprising since China has over a billion plus people living in their country. For its land mass, Africa and Europe coming second and third is not surprising either. North America and South America are fourth and fifth. Australia/Oceania is sixth and Antarctica is seventh with zero. I mean who wants to live in Antarctica besides scientists? The further breakdown of populations is equally interesting. As of today, according to the world population clock, there was a change in population since January 1st of 14,231,100 with 382, 865 births per day and 163,925 deaths per day. This is my More You Know for today.

Name/Continent2021 Population World’s Population
North America596,564,7307.58%
South America434,260,1515.51%
Name/Subcontinent and Region2021 Population World’s Population
Southern Asia1,962,272,40524.92%
South Central Asia1,933,675,31624.55%
Eastern Asia1,682,854,64121.37%
Sub-Saharan Africa1,122,845,15614.26%
South-Eastern Asia675,118,4728.57%
Latin America616,805,5537.83%
The Middle East456,104,3105.79%
Eastern Africa445,671,8715.66%
South America434,260,1515.51%
Western Africa412,453,9515.24%
Northern America371,107,7094.71%
Eastern Europe293,702,1913.73%
Western Asia282,772,8743.59%
Northern Africa250,635,2723.18%
Western Europe196,603,2162.50%
Middle Africa196,361,3142.49%
Central America181,721,4962.31%
Southern Europe151,945,0511.93%
Northern Europe106,537,2811.35%
Central Asia75,426,6320.96%
Southern Africa68,358,0200.87%
Australia/New Zealand30,648,8580.39%
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