More You Know: 10 Random Facts

James K. Polk and Warren G. Harding were both born on the same day of November 2, 1795. (Source: National Constitution Center)

The wombat forms their cube-shaped feces in the lower intestine. (Source: CNN World)

A mash-up of two words to make a new word is called a portmanteau. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

The Flintstones became the first-ever animated show to air during primetime in 1960. (Source: Wikipedia)

Strawberry, grape, and raspberry are the three most popular jams in the U.S. (Source: Statistica)

It takes 570 gallons of white paint to cover the exterior of the residence portion of the White House and occurs every 4-6 years. (Source: White House History)

Dexter Holland of Offspring has a doctorate in Molecular Biology, hot sauce entrepreneur, and licensed aircraft pilot. (Source: vh1)

Witwatersrand Basin in Johannesburg, South Africa and Carlin Trend in Nevada, USA are the two locations with the best gold mining. (Source: CMI)

The youngest popes were Pope Benedict IX at age 11-20 starting in 1032, Pope John XII at age 18 in 937, and Pope John XI at age 20 in 931. The oldest pope was Clement X at age 79 in 16709, and the longest Pope served was Leo XIII for 25 years and elected at age 67. (Source: World Atlas)

The human hand is controlled by muscles of the forearm and hand. The skeleton is the carpus, metacarpus, and phalanges or wrist, palm, and phalanges. (Source: Healthline)

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