Poem: Finger Snap

If I snap my fingers, will all my mistakes be undone?
Will all the years I have kicked myself for doing this and doing that be erased?
No, I don't think so.  No, it's not possible.  No, it can't be done.
This isn't a pop in a VHS tape and rewind as far you I need.
If I go too far, I can play it back to see where I am now.
But what if I don't want to see that part of my life again?
It was too painful. It was too embarrassing.  It was too long ago.
Someone asked me if I'd like to be invisible.
I said yes, I would.  Why?, he asked me.
Because why not?  
I could sneak into rooms and hear how people truly felt about me.
I could see how many enemies I have and so few friends.
It might give me the power I need to get ahead.
Be that ass kisser I saw all the time, be that person I never wanted to be,
The one where if you act worthy and busy, you are okay to them.
The unwelcome wagon came and kicked me off in the middle of nowhere.
People giving unsolicited advice.
You don't know what we need or how we feel.
Your time was long ago and your opinion doesn't matter.
Keep your mouth shut.
Mistakes were made that can't be undone.  
I know this and so do countless others. 
Once the energy rebounds in my fingers, I will snap them again.
Where will you be?  Will you hear it?

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