Journal Entry Type #91: I Still Want Oxygen and Balance

This will probably be my last weekend off for a long time. Due to working in a different industry, my days off are during the week now. At least I get two days off in a row. I know that some countries value long hours of working, but I’m not keen to work 60 hours a week. The most I’ve worked is about 53 hours a week and that was because I had no choice. I’d much rather work a 40 hour week job if I can with OT if necessary. When I worked from home, I was more willing to work OT. Now that I spend more time on the road although not too bad when it comes to commuting, I realize the need for me to have balance even more. I’m slowly getting there. I ended up taking Saturday off to partially relax and do some at home training without getting paid. I went to Lake Mead today and came back to finish up a few things before I started blogging. I am way behind, but honestly I only have to answer to myself when it comes to my blog. My current phrase is “you know what I mean.” I have a long laundry list of blogs to finish. Here are some pictures of my short trip of the trains on the way back from the lake.

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