All I Have is a Branch

Give them an olive branch. You know the statement. Here is my olive branch in the form of a few photos. Since I no longer work from home, my commute eats up more of my time as well as learning a new job. There’s a lot of information to learn and when I get home all I want to do is rest and sleep. I’m waiting for the day where things settle down and the job becomes easier. That won’t probably happen until 3 months from now but every day there is progress. The human process of learning something brand new is just what it sounds like and while I am thankful for this new job, I’m still keeping my options open. I hope to spend more time blogging this weekend and once two weeks is up (one more week left) after my second vaccine shot, I’m going to be much more busy and in the mindset to go, go, go. My life has been unsettled since COVID began as many others have experienced. Most everything still feels upside down and not quite right in terms of energy. Without rambling on for sake of time mostly, here are my photos I took recently.

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