TV Review: The Sinner (2017-)

There are three seasons of The Sinner that have nothing to do with each other and the only constant character is played by Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose. I have to give it to the second season. It was the best out of all of them. The first season was the second best. The third season was my least favorite. It didn’t have the kind of ending I wanted and some of it didn’t make sense. I was beginning to think that way in the second season but it came around and finished strong. The third season started strong but slowly over time became weak. I suppose I was looking for something more. I’m curious what other people think. What is each season about and should you watch them?

  1. The first season stars Jessica Biel as a wife who seems fine until she attacks someone at a beach with her husband and son watching in horror. Don’t worry. I didn’t ruin anything. It’s what happens after and why she attacked him in the first place that is the mystery. As Cora Tannetti’s life unravels, the clues to fill in the missing pieces are found with the help of Harry Ambrose. As for her understanding husband, Mason Tannetti, he’s also searching for answers.
  2. The second season stars Elisha Hening as a convincing child that isn’t right in the head. He plays Julian Walker and after an outing in the woods, he is the only one remaining alive. Harry Ambrose finds himself helps the daughter of long-time friend, Heather Novack. When they interview Julian’s mother, Vera Walker, it only confuses things and makes it harder to get answers that make any sense.
  3. The third season stars Matt Bomer as a father who has a terrible accident. He plays Jamie Burns who is hiding some secrets including his friend, Nick Haas. Harry Ambrose must unravel this mystery while protecting his family and friends.

I suggest watching the first two seasons if you like a slow build to movies or shows. Everything doesn’t come at you all at once in either season. This is what I like about them. There were clear reasons why Julian was so messed up in the head. The third season seemed to be missing something from the antagonist. If there ever was a character I didn’t feel a bit sorry for, it was Jamie Burns. I understood the need for acceptance and his high IQ level, but there was something within him that didn’t set right in the end. It didn’t seem believable. I don’t want to ruin the ending, but for all his ambition, it fell flat. I also wish more time had been spent on the relationship with his wife and students. Therefore, I suggest watching the last season to say you watched it.

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