Netflix Recommendation: This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist (2021)

The 1980s have come back with its terrible fashion and the 1990s have come back with the revival of shows like Fuller House and Saved by the Bell. So too have the events of the past been revisited such as this 1990 Gardner art museum robbery in Boston. It coincided with St. Patty’s day so the police were more concerned with keeping the Bostonians partiers in check. The fact the museum had little security when it it was robbed didn’t help. It was obviously done by people who knew little about art from some of the work they took although they managed to take a Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, and others worth 500 million dollars. There are four episodes in this series and although it does start out strong, with each episode it sort of wanders a bit. There could’ve been a little more structure to how it was presented, but it’s clear the Boston mafia had their hand in the robbery. How much is to be determined? This was before cameras and when the FBI was brought in, too much time had lapsed. Evidence was collected and lost. The original investigation was poorly done. The case will probably never be solved with a definite answer. It’s now a museum I’d like to visit if I’m ever in Boston.

I give This is a Robbery THREE FINGERS at 80%.

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