Journal Entry Type #94: Hot on a Thursday!

These last few days or should I say seven days has been filled with working, watching Handmaid’s Tale and Blacklist, and hopelessly trying to catch up where I left off last year. I’ve been doing more reading despite my eyes and nose hurting like hell due to sinus pressure and allergies. I’ve never read Chuck Klosterman before but the book I’m reading now is SO refreshing to read even though it is eight years old. I’m also reading a handful of other books but not making much progress. I suppose reading 12 books at the same time, not including Chuck Klosterman, doesn’t make much sense when it comes to practicality. Have I mentioned now that it is officially June, the temperature where I live has definitely gotten hotter and can be considered HOT. It is 108 today and it hasn’t even reached 115 which it does get to in July, August, and September. It doesn’t even start to cool down until basically November. I mean even October it can still be in the 100s and high 90s. Have I mentioned how much I hate the heat? Don’t remind me of moving here because next year I will have to move again. The apartment complex I live in is trying really hard to be the wannabe CA apartment located in NV. Ever since new management took over, the price keeps going up and surprisingly I read millennials are one of the highest age populations moving to NV. Okay? I guess they like to suffer in the heat. Don’t get me started on NV drivers. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, they are some of the most competitive drivers I’ve ever seen. Never once in CA did I see a person go out of their way to go into the turn lane to get around you because s/he thinks you are driving too slow, go back into your lane for a split second just to prove her or his point, and then go right back into the turn lane again in order to make their turn off a freeway. You know who does this? Excuse my language. No, don’t excuse my language. I won’t apologize, but what in the fucking hell are you doing? Are you that uptight? You really need to one up someone because you think you own the road? Please! Get out of here with that!

I’ve been toying around the idea of writing a fiction book about my experiences of living in LA. Who knows. I know for sure I want to write a novel along the lines of Chuck Klosterman, Denis Leary, and Whoopi Goldberg combined but as a fiction book. I’m sort of flushing it out in my head, which is preventing me from sleeping at night. It might come after my second novel idea now instead of later. Who knows? The perks of being a writer. The perks of being a loner. The perks of being a creative person. The perks of having opinions. Don’t even ask me if I’ve made it to the gym yet! The answer is I haven’t. Don’t even ask me how I wish my air conditioning in my car didn’t crap out again! I really wish it didn’t. It’s hard to find the promise of life when you’re driving in such hot temperatures. I’ve sort of gotten used to it, but it sucks! I just dropped 900+ on my car a few weeks ago. Really? This gets a WTF. I’ve been moody lately when I see people turning everything into a political verbal fest on social media. I admit I get really angry, no rage is more the word, at certain politicians not doing their jobs or what I think is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not going to crap on celebrity views, but the one person I think is an absolute retard (sorry for the non-PC name here) is Tila Tequila. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing her in person. She has a big head (literally and figuratively) on a small body (literally). Any person, celebrity or not, who is seen and is a minority who promotes and agrees with white nationalism is more or less a first-class idiot, a complete and utter idiot. These are the people who honestly poison the human population. I recently heard someone say as a contributor on MSNBC state having the Republican party known as the White party and Democratic party known as the Minority party is not good for anyone. Sadly, it is becoming this way.

I’m hoping to get more blog entries in this month and also make headway into other territory. I’ve been trying to see the positive in my life although at times it is hard. I’ve been doing more justification for certain things than I’d like and keeping my negative thoughts at bay. We all do it because we are human. If I let loose and let all my worries, inhibitions, and responsibilities fall away, I’d be in a much different place. Then again, I would care about a lot less. I’d be a chain smoking creative thinking fool, chewing off the fat of the land, thinking she’s all cool and hip, and then dying alone in the wilderness somewhere but without the bandanna, tie-die, and Birkenstocks. The good thing is I’m not that person in terms of wanting of living a completely solitary life and smoking cigarettes. I’m not that proverbial wanderer. I like being in the comfort of my apartment with my useful and useless possessions. I feel something is missing when the cable goes out for an hour or two. I said to someone I’ve become more jaded the older I’ve gotten. With that in mind, off to continue on more blogs and then find my way back to rewriting and writing again and hopefully lose some of this jadedness.

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