Review of Summertime Season 2 (2020-)

This is what I wrote about Summertime Season 1. There are two things that really bother me. One is bad dubbing in movies or tv shows. The other is poor writing. This series had both. I don’t know why I watched this. It was painful every minute of every episode. I don’t know what the reason for watching this but jeez, this dubbing in English was so freaking bad. It bothered me even more than the weak writing. The subtitles even made it worse. I think whoever did the subtitles was having fun. They used the F word more times than I could count. For a TV show that focuses on teenage summer love, I don’t think the creators were going for the F word in the dialogue. I’m positive the dialogue sounded much better in Italian. The envy of this show was seeing the blue water and wishing I could dip my feet into it and how they could travel to Rome in a heartbeat. The main character of Ale, played by Ludovico Tersigni, reminds me of Rami Malek’s long lost cousin. The other main character of Summer, played by Rebecca Coco Edogamhe, reminds me how I got screwed when it comes to height. Summertime reminded me of any fan fiction books that were made into movies. Maybe, I should take a swim in fan fiction and see where it takes me. Of course, that is after I write all my other stories. I can’t even call this show so bad, it’s good. It’s a so bad and waiting to see if the second season is just as bad or worse.

This is the trailer for the second season of Summertime. I’m not going to lie that I spent the majority of my day watching this show and last night too. I knew it was being released on June 3rd. I obviously needed an outlet. I’m not going to pretend anymore that I watched it to see how bad it was compared to the first season. Okay, maybe, a little bit. The dubbing was just as bad although a little less painful. What I would’ve given to have it spoken in the language it was filmed. The only reason why I’m glad it had the bad dubbing was because it allowed me to close my eyes and listen to the dialogue. This season opened up similar to the first season except all the major players are pretty much in different relationships. Ale, pronounced All-e, not to be confused with the beer. Bad joke on my part. Well, Ale is now with a different girl/woman and submerged in the lifestyle of motorcycle racing. Summer is also with another partner. Sofia and Dario maintains their friendship and actually is pretty solid when it comes to their friendship. The character Dario is growing on me despite him being a player. Sofia, on the other hand, is still confused as ever when it comes to romance. She has a hard time showing her feelings, but who doesn’t when you are a teenager. Edo is also immature in some ways, but adultlike in other ways. I will say this season offered a little more of a storyline besides summer love and motorcycles. The key word is a little. There is growth to some characters while others remain just as confused as before. It seems Summer and Ale’s relationship is on par with what you hear and see in an actual relationship. This is what makes it appear normal in the sense of ironing out the kinks when two people are together. This season was better than the first. It was a nice diversion from my reality. Maybe, I need to get a new hobby or go back to the ones I’ve neglected. You could say I’m an equal opportunity viewer of bad or good shows and everything in between. Or maybe, I’m just a sucker for mindless shows that doesn’t illicit too much brain capacity although some of the DP shots are decent and it bumps the score up as well as better storylines.

I give Summertime Season 2 GOOD at 71%

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