Journal Entry Type #98: You Have No Idea, Do You?!

  1. There is such a thing as bad weather. (That is completely false. It’s called unbearable heat. Exclamation mark followed by another exclamation mark.)
  2. At least, it’s a dry heat. (Really? A dry heat? I get it though. There are different kinds of heat. Humidity is the Devil in the summer. It makes you sticky, gross feeling, and a shower is definitely necessary after a muggy day. Dry heat doesn’t feel good either. I never thought I’d live in the desert. NEVER, EVER, EVER, but here I am. Too bad I can’t have warm tea without using a stove or microwave in the winter because it definitely gives me that in the summer.)
  3. Hot weather makes you lazy. (I firmly believe that because it sucks the energy out of you. Then again, I used to purposely exercise in hotter weather to prove I could do it. I suppose there is an upside to hot weather from a punishing standpoint. Then again, I’m not that stupid anymore. This is what a gym is for, right?)
  4. I love the heat. (This gets another really? If you love it so much, then sleep outside in a sleeping bag! This is the same thing as saying it’s wrong to kill a mosquito. If you feel this way, you’ve never tried to sleep with one buzzing near your ear and biting you. It’s annoying to get up, try to find the mosquito, chase it around the room, wait for it to land on something, and try to kill it. Flies are even worse because they are less attracted to human skin.)
  5. We always want the opposite of what is happening. (I agree. When it is insanely hot outside, we want cooler weather. When it is cold outside, we want a little bit of warmth. I suppose that is what heaters and air conditioning is for. I feel bad for those who can’t afford it or are homeless. No wonder why people flock to CA because at least the weather is nice.)
  6. How hot it is there? (Hmmm, I wonder? It’s a comfortable temperature, much like a nice relaxing day with the wind blowing through my hair and chilling with an ice tea in my hand. No, never mind. The liquid running into my mouth is actually my sweat on my face that is dripping down into my mouth. And the glistening forehead I have is my natural glow when I’m happy. And the sweat on my neck means nothing could be any better than it is currently.)
  7. The best time of the year is the fall. It is crisp, cool, and comfy. (There is nothing good about such hot weather. The animals suffer. The humans suffer. The plants suffer. It’s worse when there is a lack of rain. It’s not like I gravitate toward complaining about the heat when it’s overly hot. Okay, maybe a little bit.)

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