More You Know: Acronyms

I plan on incorporating this in one of my stories. I don’t understand the revolution that has taken place with abbreviations. I seriously need a cheat sheet to tell me what these mean. I don’t use twitter nor do I use these acronyms except in occasional LOL, but really am I laughing out loud? The answer is no. So why use it? I should more use LI as in laughing inside. I find most of these acronyms as pure laziness. Just spell out the damn words. Is it so hard? I grew up in a different time. Some of them were so stupid, I refused to include them such as SFW as in safe for work. Huh? Enjoy the list and learn something new. I did.

ADIH – Another day in hell

AFAIK – As far as I know

AFAICT – As far as I can tell

AFAIR – As far as I remember

AFAIC – As far as I’m concerned

ASL – Age, sex, location

AAMOF – As a matter of fact

AYOR – At your own risk

AFK – Away from keyboard

BSAAW – Big smile and a wink

BAE – Before anyone else

BWL – Bursting with laughter

B4N – Bye for now

B@U – Back at you

BUMP – Bring up my post

BBBG – Bye bye be good

BBIAS – Be back in a sec

CSL – Can’t stop laughing

CWOT – Complete waste of time

CS – Career suicide

DWH – During work hours

DAE – Does anyone else?

DM – Direct message

DBMIB – Don’t bother me I’m busy

E123 – Easy as one, two, three

EMBM – Early morning business meeting

FTW – For the win

FTL – For the loss

FWIW – For what it’s worth

FAWC – For anyone who cares

GMTA – Great minds think alike

GAHOY – Get a hold of yourself

GFN – Gone for now

GRAS – Generally recognized as safe

GOI – Get over it

IMO – In my opinion

IMHO –In my humble opinion

IFYP – I feel your pain

ILY – I love you

IDC – I don’t care

IMU – I miss you

ICYMI – In case you missed it

IDC – I don’t care

IIRC – If I remember correctly

IRL – In real life

J4F – Just for fun

JSYK – Just so you know

JIC – Just in case

KPC –Keeping parents clueless

MFW – My face when

MRW – My reaction when

NFS – Not for sale

NTH – Nice to have

NAGI – Not a good idea

NSFW – Not safe for work

NBD – Not big deal

OMW – On my way

OMDB – Over my dead body

OC – Original content

OP – Original poster

OH – Overheard

POV – Point of View

PPL – People

PAW –Parents are watching

PRT – Please retweet

PITR –Parent in the room

PBB – Parent behind back

POMS – Parent over my shoulder

PTB – Please text back

RUOK – Are you OK?

RBTL – Read between the lines

RLRT – Real life retweet

SSDD – Same stuff, different day

SOML – Story of my life

TMB – Tweet me back

TIA – Thanks in advance

TTYL – Talk to you later

TFW – That feeling when

TIME – Tears in my eyes

TNTL – Trying not to laugh

TL – Too long

TIL – Today I learned

TBH – To be honest

W8 – Wait

WTPA – Where the party at?

WYWH – Wish you were here

YNK – You never know

YGTR – You got that right

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