More You Know: Allergies

I luckily don’t have too many allergies although the ones I do have been debilitating me for about 25 years now. I’m allergic to dust mites like no one’s business as well as some pollens and probably mold too. I’m not allergic to any foods that I know of although some foods can severely upset my stomach to the point of no return. Common allergies include pet dander, latex, and the ones I mentioned above. Food allergies are common too such as diary, eggs, peanuts, fish, and wheat. Here are some of the less common allergies although some appear a little whacky as in allergy to vibrations or microwaves which speak for themselves, I guess.

  1. tattoos
  2. insect waste
  3. sulfites in wine
  4. smell of fish
  5. pollinated fruit
  6. nickel in phones
  7. sun exposure
  8. soybeans in beanbags
  9. laundry detergent
  10. ticks
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