More You Know: Things That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

Here are some things that have become common place in this technological world that did not exist 30 years ago. I bring this up because I sometimes think of animals, professions, and businesses that no longer exist. Dinosaurs are a thing in the way past. I thought Blockbuster would never go out of business. With scientific advancements, body snatchers have no purpose to the medical field. While some use them all the time, others know about them but won’t ever use them. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Netflix original content

2. Online grocery store delivery

3. Tablets to read books and magazines

4. Streaming music and TV shows

5. Instagram

6. Airbnb

7. Invisible braces

8. Pinterest

9. Online banking

10. 4K TVs

11. Uber and Lyft

12. Smartphones

13.  Gender reveal parties

14.  Wikipedia

15.  Video calling

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