Journal Entry Type #101: Toaster for the Win

I’m leaving the last day of July to finish my blogs I meant to finish last week. There’s been a lot of the same stuff going on in my life, recycling as you say, and to some frustration my stubbornness of not wanting to do the work necessary to begin my second novel idea again. I feel I need to do some outlining of it, which I absolutely hate because I feel it might be heading into no where man’s land territory. It basically means I spin my wheels over and over in my head and make my fingers hurt because I’m typing words and sentences that sound stupid or unfocused. I suppose I need to get over it and just put it on paper (so to speak). On a side note, I burnt my arm on the toaster because what I was toasting got stuck. It still hurts two days later and had to put ice on it while driving because it was still stinging.

I’ve still been watching the Olympics and will comment on that later. A lot has happened since the opening ceremonies especially in swimming and gymnastics. I’ve been flipping among the channels mainly for swimming, gymnastics, diving, triathlon, equestrian, boxing, judo, archery, badminton, fencing, rowing, shooting, skateboarding, taekwondo, tennis, and weightlifting. It’s a guarantee switching channels when baseball, softball, soccer, rugby, and volleyball appears (sorry for all the fans out there). I try to take comfort in certain things in my life although having to repeatedly pay to get my car repaired isn’t one of them. I’m also looking forward to flying on a plane again. I find the whole thing relaxing once I am in the air and able to chill by reading or closing my eyes.

As you already know my first novel has been released and while I’m not sure how many people are clamoring to buy it, I’m so glad it is done. I’ve been slowly getting back into coloring and doing some exercise, but not nearly enough as I should be doing. It seems I’m running out of time and running out of excuses. I sometimes wonder how much a person needs to repeat something to her or himself before it finally sticks (in general). At what point does talking sound repetitive? At what point does one let go of the outdated usefulness of something? How do you keep mainstreamed and operate from a place of strength? How do you release all the confusing advice thrown at you when you never asked for it to begin with? I will leave you with these words. Too many people aren’t seeing their own hypocrisies and bathing too long in their own ignorance. We all have something to work on and it’s blatantly obvious when someone isn’t doing that. All the more reason for me to be committed in those things that insulate me and whatever happens outside of my jurisdiction is nothing that concerns me, for it isn’t my problem.

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