Documentary Recommendation: Nightmares in Red, White and Blue (2009)

This documentary is an older one about movies but worth the watch especially if you are a horror movie fan. From Nosferatu to Leatherface to Jigsaw, NIghtmares in Red, White and Blue highlights the evolution of the American horror film (just as the one sheet says). In most every movie, there are unintended consequences and lucky breaks that happen during filming. These horror movies are no exception and while horror movies can range from the outlandish scenes that you think would never happen in real life, the scary reality is that some do occur whiles others are mirror images because the horror movie is based on “real life.” There is one movie genre that will forever be cheap to make into a movie compared to other genres and that is horror because of its core elements, People are drawn to the obscene, mysterious, and destruction in any good horror monster or beast or human. People want to be transported to another world and scared to their core. A horror movie is an escape from their own life. The suspense gives them something else to feel and that is fear. Some horror movies are seen for what it is on the surface, for the gore and blood, but often to the writer and director the idea was conceived for different reasons. Blending “horror” and “reality” makes for the best scare the shit out of you movies because while it’s easier to believe this stuff never exists in the “real world,” when you walk out of the theater or turn off your T.V., how many of you check your closet or under your bed before going to sleep. If you do, this is the power of the horror movie and the genius of the writers and directors.

I rate Nightmares in Red, White and Blue Four Fingers and One Thumb at 100%

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