Journal Entry #104: All I Got is Wednesday and a Little Bit of Sarcasm

I have the words “ooga booga” stuck in my brain for some reason. I also have that song from NSYNC called Bye Bye Bye because it was on the radio when I was driving home from work. I can’t tell you how many songs I’d rather not have in my head these past two weeks. I’ve been trying to get on a schedule (what’s new, huh?) and I’m waking up earlier than before although not on a consistent level. I’ve had quite a few things going on in my life (again who doesn’t, right?), but this doesn’t minimize the irritations, agitations, frustrations, and any other tions that happens in one’s life. I’m currently prepping myself for a second drive cycle of my car so I can pass the stupid emissions test. I have never had this much trouble with one in my life and all because I had work done on my car recently.

I finally finished my journal so now I’m on #114 although I’m using a few of my other journals for other reasons so I’m waiting for the day until I’m going in order again. It will take a few years at the rate I’m going, but at least I’m finally using my Pennywise the Clown journal I bought shortly after the first remake came out in 2017. I’m always trying to beat my number of blogs the previous month in the back of my mind although now I’m lucky to even get a handful in and actually feel the motivation to blog. I’m still deciding on how to tackle my second story in terms of viewpoint. It shouldn’t be this hard, but obviously it’s giving me more headaches and stress than I realize. It’s a much needed story to write although difficult just the same. This is it for Wednesday as I’ve had blogs sitting there I meant to do last month. As the saying goes, they aren’t going to get done by themselves.

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