Poem: Don’t Ask Me Why

Don't ask me why the birds have stopped singing.
I don't know why they have have gone silent on a beautiful day like today.
Somewhere else, the day is not so beautiful, in fact, it is nighttime. 
The owls are hooting and not letting those around sleep a good night's sleep.

Don't ask me why it has not rained in over a month.
I don't know why the tears of the Earth make us suffer so much.
Halfway around the world, exactly, in a different city, it is raining every day.
There are floods, families with lost homes and possessions.
They only carry memories in their tragic minds. 

Don't as me why the children are not paying attention.
I don't know why their mental faculties have slowed down year after year.
The classrooms are not like they used to be, neither are the teachers.
Some students have no desks to sit on or pencils to sharpen.

Don't ask me why the same areas get bombarded with rudeness.
I don't know why the people revolve through the same door.
It does not seem okay for this to happen and yet, it continues.
There are times these same people need to interject, not surmise. 
Some attempt to break away but it is not enough.

Don't ask me why. 
I beg of you.
Don't ask me. 
I do not have the answer.
You must be tired as I am.

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