Poem: Trip to You Know Where

It's as if I was in the twilight zone,
somewhere between hell and hell,
not quite to the left but nowhere near 
the right,
and I wanted to be at the beginning
and the end at the same time,
in fact, I wanted a redo.

I had woken up with such promise,
only to slide down the slide,
someone else's creation, a big mess,
and here I was to clean it up,
with a smile on my face and 
trying to hide
the tooth I had chipped.

He followed me from far away,
or was it too close?,
near my head to hear better,
no, it couldn't have gone
that way,
the veins in my arms
would not be screaming still.

There must've been a different outcome,
one I'm forgetting for some reason,
another he might've whisked away,
tripping over my piles
left behind,
smelling the odors from both ends,
hearing nothing but me 
gasping for breath on the floor.

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