Five Halloween Movies I’ve Never Seen and One I’ve Seen Many Times

I’m behind on watching Halloween movies of any kind, new or old, as I’ve been more focused on TV shows and other things. I decided to give these movies a chance. Most of them were complete duds. There’s a reason they received the reviews from the critics. They became more background noise than anything although I paid the most attention to Salem’s Lot. The Last House on the Left was the worst. Shame on you Wes Craven. The blood looked a lot like ketchup in Salem’s Lot. The movie with the most promise was Come to Daddy with Elijah Wood. The ending was non-Hollywood. Kudos for that. Exorcist: The Beginning was okay. If you’ve seen one demonic possession, you’ve seen them all. The best movie of them all was The Lost Boys. I will never get sick of this movie. Joel Schumacher did this great with this movie. Not that he needs my accolades. Plus, you can’t beat the two Coreys and the gang of vampires led by Max/David.

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