More You Know: Popular Costumes from 1950 to 2005

Now that Halloween is over, why not list the most popular costumes from years past according to Reader’s Digest. I’m not sure how they came up with the answers, but here is the list. It starts with the year 1950 and ends with the year 2005. This might be a good thing it stopped in 2005 because as we all know 2021 is about as great as 2020 and from 2006 to 2019, it was much to be desired for many. A lot of these costumes are related to movies.

1950: Cowboy

1951: Tarzan

1952: Don Lockwood from Singin’ in the Rain movie

1953: Mickey Mouse

1954: Batman

1955: Davy Crockett

1956: Anna Leonowens from The King and I movie

1957: Frankenstein as in not the doctor in the book by Mary Shelley

1958: Zorro from Zorro movie

1959: Marilyn Monroe

1960: Hula girl from Hawaii

1961: Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie

1962: Rocky and Bullwinkle

1963: Cleopatra

1964: The Beatles

1965: Sonny and Cher

1966: Barbie

1967: Morticia Addams

1968: Rosemary Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby movie

1969: Astronaut

1970: Elvis Presley

1971: Willy Wonka

1972: Don Corleone

1973: Marcia Brady

1975: Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie

1976: Any of the Charlie’s Angels

1977: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Darth Vader

1978: Michael Myers

1979: Rocky Balboa

1980: John Travolta

1981: Indiana Jones

1982: E.T.

1983: Michael Jackson

1984: Madonna

1985: Freddy Krueger

1986: California Raisin

1987: Alf as in Alien Life Form

1988: Beetlejuice

1989: Any Ghostbuster

1990: Marty McFly from Back to the Future 

1991: Terminator

1992: Barney the purple dinosaur

1993: Any Power Ranger

1994: Bart Simpson

1995: Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber 

1996: Any Spice Girl

1997: Austin Powers

1998: Ghostface from Scream

1999: Neo from The Matrix 

2001: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

2002: Spider-Man

2003: Captain Jack Sparrow

2004: SpongeBob SquarePants

2005: Darth Vader

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