Day: November 20, 2021

More You Know: Top TV Shows and Networks from 2021

Since Hollywood has ushered in the new best actor and actress to their movies, the older actors and actresses have often found a new home in television shows. This is a good and bad thing. Good in that TV has gotten better. Bad in… Continue Reading “More You Know: Top TV Shows and Networks from 2021”

Flash Fiction: The Great Ones Never Die

Three months ago I recently finished the last chapter of my life. It wasn’t great nor was it bad. It simply existed in human form, in some way, and in some fashion. Some people might see this as dark. Others might see it as… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction: The Great Ones Never Die”

Journal Entry Type #111: Live, Learn, and Die

After the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse was decided in his favor (this was no surprise to me), it made me think that people basically had two major reaction choices to it. One, they got so pissed about it that they took to the streets… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #111: Live, Learn, and Die”

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