Journal Entry Type #111: Live, Learn, and Die

After the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse was decided in his favor (this was no surprise to me), it made me think that people basically had two major reaction choices to it. One, they got so pissed about it that they took to the streets to protest. Two, they thought the judicial court system did its job and rejoiced within their homes Rittenhouse was not guilty. The thing about half the country sees the verdict as further evidence to reform the whole criminal justice system from top to bottom. The thing is the other half sees the verdict as further evidence that defending yourself is not a crime. The more tragic part of all this is how different groups within this country are using Kyle Rittenhouse.

I’m not excusing what he did in any way. He’s a teenage punk who went out looking for trouble and killed two people and almost killed a third. His crocodile tears when he took the stand were pathetic. He’s lucky the jury acquitted him and partly due to the prosecution’s deliverance and the judge throwing out the gun charge. What isn’t okay is that Tucker Carlson using him as a martyr to gun rights and other right wing groups that want to use his face as their spokesperson and even worse if he invited them in the first place. The racially charged climate we live in that will continue until the end of time might not bode well for him.

People who feel he was guilty won’t ever forget his face especially the families of those he killed. He will never be forgiven by many and good luck being in the public spotlight in any major city. I’m all for healing and forgiveness over time. I do think people can change. But every time I see his face, I don’t feel one bit of sympathy for him. What I do feel is sympathy for Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum’s families. In the end, I’m not the one who needs to forgive him but those looking to him for help if he becomes a nurse. I said to someone I wish him all the luck if he’s found not guilty because he’s going to need it.

Now onto another topic less controversial and serious because I can’t end this blog this way. I’m going to focus back on me now. I’ve decided spend less time repeating myself in 2022 and by this I mean not putting my entries in different places. I need to find more time in 2022 to devote to my second novel and this is one way to do it. I hope to be able to have a little more variety but it will probably be the same when December 2022 rolls around. I can’t believe there’s basically one more month left of 2021. Time really does move faster the older you get. It’s probably a perception thing, but I don’t remember time being of such importance in my 20s and 30s.

If I’m worrying about the amount of time I have left to live now, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’m in my 70s and 80s. This is where putting things in perspective comes along. I saw a WWII vet who was 106 (because there was no way I couldn’t hear the person helping him say out loud how old he was) and I suppose when it’s my time to go I will know. Soon those from the Korean and Vietnam will be gone and what will remain are the Iraq, Afghanistan, and others fought in the 21st century. Life is the majority routine of ups and downs. I don’t know where this is leading except to say being a well-rounded person takes work and what it requires changes. I’m in a pattern of change right now and looking to make it work for me in 2022 and beyond. That’s is all for now.
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