Documentary Recommendation: Mayor Pete (2021)

Mayor Pete was interesting to watch this because the public rarely gets to see what happens behind closed doors of a presidential campaign. When Pete Buttigeig became a household name and no one knew how to pronounce it, there was a rising division among the Democrats of young versus old candidates. There were die hard Bernie Sanders fans and Joe Biden was a fart in the wind for how poorly he was doing in Iowa and New Hampshire. A lot of people thought it was over for Biden because in many ways it never seemed to begin, but he had something Buttigeig did not. This was the backing of James Clyburn and after South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday was done, it became clear to the Democrats that Biden would more than likely be the presumptive nominee. Buttigeig touted himself as a moderate that wanted to work with Republicans and Independents if he became president. Easier said than done as most of us know the reality of Washington. Democrat or Republican controlled Senate and House, things rarely seem to get done, at least for the little people. Even though Buttigeig did well in Iowa and New Hampshire, he faltered in Nevada and bombed in South Carolina. Being the private person he is, it’s clear he had to leap over hurdles when he was thrust into the spotlight. We all know the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Half of the country accepted the result, and the other half didn’t which is a shame because this war on democracy and voting is scary as hell. I don’t want to be around if the U.S. becomes anything other than a semi-democratic country and hope I’m not forced to move out of the country if it does happen in my lifetime. Until that time arrives, I will continue to live my life one week at a time. This documentary was directed and produced by Jesse Moss and has an R rating. It runs 1 hour and 36 minutes long.

I rate Mayor Pete Four Fingers at 90%

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