Journal Entry Type #114: Coming in Cold and Hot

I’m back in the land of the living. I have to say for all the chronic ailments I have in my body that I rarely get the flu or have a fever. This ended when I had a fever after getting the Moderna booster shot on Friday. I was fine for a good eight hours after I got the shot. I put on sweat pants, sweatshirt, and wool socks with chattering teeth and crawled back under my three blankets. I thought I’d be fine because I did laundry and walked prior to this. I’m used to living in a house that is 60 degrees at night and if you get cold during the day, you put on more clothes and warm your hands on cups of hot tea. This all came to a stop when I was still chilled and turned the heat back on to 73. I then turned off the heat after having a restless night sleep because my fever had broken and that was around 3 am. I had a headache through all it and remembered only my dream about my third leg and freaking out how I would take care of it. Fast forward to the next day where I basically slept off and on and watched enough episodes of New Girl that I finished the last two seasons. This booster isn’t 100% failsafe. I still have a low grain headache, but I’ve always had a headache for the last twenty years of my life. I might get COVID, but it gives me a better chance of not ending up in a hospital or dying. The bottom line is I’m glad I no longer have a fever.

There’s a lot happening in the news world that I have to make mention of it. Chris Cuomo got fired from CNN. Brian Williams left MSNBC. Jonathan Lemire replaced Kasie Hunt a while back who moved to CNN. Chris Wallace is leaving FOX and moving to CNN too. Nothing is set in stone forever, but I get used to certain people on certain networks. There really has been an attack on the media where everything is evil and nothing can be trusted. This is further from the truth. The Olympics is upon us soon and I understand why there is a boycott of Beijing, China. From the missing tennis player to the government censoring entertainment and social media, the political worldly atmosphere is shaky. What the future holds is anyone’s guess because there’s a lot of moving parts. This second paragraph is sort of scattered but will end with the upset of Amanda Nunes losing to Julianna Peña in UFC. This goes to show even if you are the underdog and the emphasis is on your opponent, believing in yourself is the most important to your successes and your failures. Very few of us want to fight in any kind of ring whether MMA or boxing, but we all do some fighting in other ways. Work on yourself as best you can to be an all-purpose, well-rounded, and best possible prototype of yourself. On that note, good night but not good bye.

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