More You Know: Best Subway Systems in the World

Because I watched an episode on a show about a terroristic plot that was foiled, I decided to look up the best and worst subway systems in the world. I wasn’t surprised that NYC was almost always in the top, if not the best, and that LA was one of the worst especially since living there and experiencing its lackluster. If you live in a city with millions of people, you will want to have some kind of transportation besides cars. I’m less familiar with subways in other parts of the world but from what I’ve seen some look terrible to ride on during rush hour while others offer great architecture and more. Here are some of the most notable subway systems in the world. Some run 24 hours a day like the London Underground, New York City Subway, and Copenhagen Metro. Sources include Fodor’s, Frommer’s, CNN, and Wikipedia. Frommer’s and CNN overlaps on their lists of the top ten subway systems as the best in the world so I ended up with 14 total and in no particular order.

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