Poem: Welcome to Adulthood

Your family welcomes you when you are born.
This is the beginning of your life. 
It is yours and only yours alone.
There is no one to take your place.
No one wants to go back to being a baby.
Sucking on your thumb is out of style.
Your family are adults and adults act adultlike.

Your friends become your family as you enter classrooms.
Girls gravitate toward girls and boys stick with boys.
Crayons and stickers are replaced with rulers and calculators.
You are still young and make foolish decisions.
The boy you thought was cute is really a jerk.
Your mother asks you why you are crying.
There will be embarrassment if you tell her the reason.

You are born that way is something she won't understand.
There is nothing to tell you this is normal.
She tells you to talk to your father.
He would be the worst person to turn to for this problem.
It is yours to handle and yours alone.
No one else in your life will help you.
This is something only you can sort out.

The nerds used to be your friends as you skip school.
This is the true beginning of your life.
A life you do not want to understand.
Inhaling your cigarette gives you comfort.
It is your confidant now that allows you to be cool.
The prom king got his girlfriend pregnant.
They aren't keeping the baby is the rumor.

You are still the skinny child from high school.
The hunger might grow inside you, but you quash it well.
No one can ever know the pain.
Being the chubby adult is no longer seen as tolerant.
People want their celebrities to be size 2 and below.
Eating carrots is the only diet.
Your admirers give artificial comments on your body. 
You give them a fake smile as they are your family.

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