Journal Entry Type #119: One Week Under My Belt

It’s officially 2022! Well, nine days into 2022 and soon to be 31 days into 2022. It will basically soon be February. I will need to start sending out birthday cards to my family. I don’t have much to say for lack of time and energy. I had great many things I wanted to do this weekend. I ended up doing half of that. I didn’t do nearly enough writing this weekend. The energy I don’t have in my waking hours I seem to make up during my dreams especially the one where I was trying to fight off crocodiles and octopi. There is actually three different ways you can spell octopus in the plural sense: octopi, octopuses, and octopodes. No matter how you spell it, I still kicked the wall trying to get it off my leg and stubbed my toes. Of course, this woke me up. It seems I can’t get peace during my sleep either. The dreams might be because I’ve been watching Crikey! It’s the Irwins lately and a part of some underlying theme in my life. A part of me has been all over the place mentally and wishing for so many different things. I have an idea for a short story based on something a wrote on FB commenting on the news of Bob Saget dying. What used to seem real to me no longer feels real and what used to be a constant for me no longer feels constant. I watched some previews for movies that just came out and needless to say, some look decent to watch but others not so much. My life hasn’t been much of anything lately. I’d like that to change. A part of me feels certain things are better left alone or expressed through creative means. I guess I should take note and follow through on this. When I get any kind of motivation to write, it’s time for another week of work. Basically, my schedule is off sync and I’m led to believe I don’t have any time for myself.

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