Journal Entry Type #119: You Are Not My Friend but No Need to be Rude

This is going to be a random JET with as many topics I can squeeze into a 30-minute blog. I have to say, first of all, I wish I had done some things differently 20 years ago, and by this, I mean majoring in something else that would be useful today. My initial thought after the dream of wanting to be an FBI agent was majoring in social work. I wish I had done that now or maybe becoming a teacher which is interesting since I’d rather be around adults than children.

I also am in desperate need of an oil change for my car and is really the reason for this post. I would’ve gotten it done last weekend except this asshole of a guy behind the counter made a point to tell me I was five minutes late twice in front of people. Being the person I am, I apologized for being late, but he kept on. I didn’t tell him that the last time I brought my car to get worked on, it took longer than they told me when it would be ready and never called me. I had to call them the next day and ask them about my car, which I was understanding about since they were busy. He obviously forgot about it or didn’t care that it was a two-way street. On the ride back home, I thought more about it and should’ve taken my car elsewhere. By the time I made the decision to go back and pick up my car, it was still in the spot I left it and asked for my keys back. I understand people have a bad day but don’t be a dick about it. If the guy said it will be a while because you were late, it wouldn’t have bothered me. Fine, just get it done so I can pick it up later before you close. He looked at me surprised I was back so soon. I could tell he was expecting the worst from me. I saw his name on his shirt and said nothing else to him besides I wanted my keys back. He said something else, but I repeated him to give me my keys back. In my view, if you are that bent out of shape over five minutes, I’ll take my car somewhere else.

Onto the break ups of 2022 and not because I follow this religiously, it’s because I really thought Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet would last. The good thing is it seems they are still being respectful to each other. My belief is it seems the act of getting married ruins some relationships. I know it’s a little superstitious but look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after they married. I know it was more than that, but a piece of paper does funny things. They are still battling it out in the courts. Then, there are those who put acting on the slower burning burner like Freddie Prinze Jr. I also had a weird dream about him last night and the many selfies we took together. There are also those like Sandra Bullock and Laura Linney who would not be so relevant without streaming services like Netflix. Hollywood loves to straddle the fence between pushing middle aged actors and actresses out and honoring them for their accomplishments.

I’m running out of time and will end with a book I’m currently reading a book. It’s interesting even though I’ve only read two chapters. It discusses narcissists, sociopaths, and high-conflict people who are all highly toxic people. It reminds me of people I once knew and glad to never see again. It reminds me of a time when I wish things had gone differently. It reminds me to move forward not backward. Most of all, it’s a reminder to live in the present because that’s all I’ve got.

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