Random Calendar Info #3

The Ring of Fire is an area where much of the volcanic eruptions occur and is around 25,000 miles long or 40,000 kilometers. It includes the western coast of North and South America as well as New Guinea and New Zealand, and to some it includes Indonesia.

The Sun, Moon, and Venus is the first, second, and third brightest object in the Earth’s sky.

A hoglet is a young hedgehog.

The tallest mountain is Denali in North America in Alaska at little over 20,00 feet.

International Space Station has been visited by more than 240 crew members from 19 countries.

Some common names in 1950s were Mark, William, Thomas, Debra, Mary, and Patricia.

Howard Hughes flew from Burbank, CA to Newark, NJ in 7 hours and 28 minutes in 1937.

The New York Mets were bought for 21.1 million in 1980 by Wilpon and Doubleday.

The Republic of India was founded in 1950.

The U.S.P.S. introduced Forever stamps in 2007.

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