Poem: Working Hard

You're working really hard, aren't you? 
Cementing that persona as a badass.
Making sure others fear you.
The sad thing is this.
You are weak for building tension and dishing out criticism.
That's why people whisper behind your back.
Say what a bitch you are.
Do you know this? 
You have to or else you wouldn't wear it so proudly.
They think you're not a man hater but a people hater.
Respond to you with disdain for who you are.
Walking around like you own the damn place.
Keep thinking this way.
It's worked well for you, hasn't it?
Spewing out that fake caring.
The truth remains in plain sight for those with eyes.
You're working really hard for that title.
It's reserved for many in this world.
Too bad you don't give a shit.
The proper title was correct.
Not that it can be said.
For it was overheard and not mine to repeat. 
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